Restorative Practices

  • The Farnsworth Multi-Cultural Boys Group is led in circle.

  • Educators at Restorative Practice Pilot Sites often lead their classes in circle.

  • Restorative Circles have center pieces to ground the discussion.

  • Circles are used to build community in schools.

Restorative Practices represent a radical shift in the way members of our school communities relate to each other, focusing on intentional relationship building and shared problem solving. When restorative practices are successful, families feel safe and welcome at their child’s school because they have deep, lasting relationships within the school community.

Restorative Practices began as means for SPFE to address school discipline issues during our 2015-16 contract negotiations. Through our partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools and their Office of College and Career Readiness, Restorative Practices in Saint Paul has become a model for a healthy, racially equitable school culture.

SPFE won an agreement in 2016 with our school district to initiate Restorative Practice pilot sites. The program has continued to expand in St. Paul in the subsequent years.

  • Year 5: American Indian Magnet School, Maxfield Elementary School, Murray Middle School, Farnsworth Aerospace Upper School, Johnson High School, and Riverview West Side School of Excellence
  • Year 4: Eastern Heights Elementary, Parkway Montessori Community Middle School, Washington Technology Magnet School
  • Year 3: Battle Creek Middle School, Central High School, Nokomis Montessori North
  • Year 2: E-STEM Middle School
  • Year 1: Adams Spanish Immersion Elementary, Benjamin E. Mays Elementary, Bruce Vento Elementary, Global Arts Plus, Jackson Elementary
  • Exploring: Capitol Hill Magnet School, Cherokee Heights Elementary, Horace Mann Elementary, John A. Johnson Elementary, Open World Learning Community

SPFE offers professional development opportunities to educators as well as community members who would like to learn more about Restorative Practices. To learn more, contact SPFE’s Teaching and Learning Center at