SPFE’s organizers are Maggie Kalda, Isaac Martin, and Clara Dockter. To find out which organizer represents your building, please call the SPFE office at 651-222-7303.

Stewards are elected at the end of the spring semester. If you’re interested in being a steward for your building, contact your organizer.

1780 W 7th Street

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

271 Belvedere

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

360 Colborne

Myrna Abrego and Amy Suchon - Maggie Kalda

Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet

Brian Hodge-Rice and Nicki Nolen - Maggie Kalda

AGAPE High School

SPFE Staff - Elise Simmons

American Indian Magnet

Laurel Kuhner Berker, Laura Czaplewski and Clara Wychor - Abena Abraham

Battle Creek Elementary

Susan Providence and Ckhristian Quintero - Maggie Kalda

Battle Creek Middle

Alli Kildahl and Sam Olson - Maggie Kalda

Belwin Outdoors Science Center

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

Ben E. Mays IB World School

Lindsay Walker - Elise Simmons

Bridge View

Christin Fleming and Lars Larson - Maggie Kalda

Bruce F. Vento Elementary

Carol Stramer - Abena Abraham

Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet

Kathleen Lang - Elise Simmons

Care and Treatment Programs

Laure O'Keeffe - Abena Abraham

Central Senior High

Sammie Chapman, Kim Colbert, Scott Howell, Ed Johnson, Melissa Kuhle-Schuele, Daniel Muro-Lamere - Elise Simmons

Chelsea Heights Elementary

Thomas Altman and Paula Bangert - Elise Simmons

Cherokee Heights Elementary

Many Perna and Jess Schoenburg - Maggie Kalda

Como Park Elementary

Dayna Thomas, Natalie Strohmeier, and Katie Carson - Elise Simmons

Como Park Senior High

Robyn Asher, Allison Hartzell, Peter Kvamme, Jill Wielgos, and Ian Zangs - Elise Simmons

Como Service Center

Zach Pierson - Elise Simmons

Creative Arts Secondary School

Becca Ayala and Monica Hynds - Maggie Kalda

Crossroads Montessori and Science

Kristina Alsleben - Elise Simmons

Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus

Abbie McMillan and Lindsey Jackson - Maggie Kalda

Discovery Club

Celia Knieff and Hanna Nelson - Elise Simmons


Chris Buzzetta, Susan Fridley, and Song Vaj

E-Stem Middle School

Matt Barron - PAR, Eric Jameson, Paul Ruble - PAR - Maggie Kalda

Early Childhood Family Education

Sue Fridley, Song Vaj, and Chris Buzzetta - Maggie Kalda


SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

Eastern Heights Elementary

Kent Sall and Laura Madsen - Abena Abraham

Expo for Excellence Elementary

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

Farnsworth Aerospace Lower

Cori Murphy and Amy Lopez - Abena Abraham

Farnsworth Aerospace Upper

Alex Ford and Michael Richards - Abena Abraham

Focus Beyond

Peggy Cobbins, Todd Jakober, Jenny Konkel, and Matt Wambach - Maggie Kalda

Four Seasons A+

Lya Jordan and Ahna Logan - Elise Simmons

Frost Lake Elementary

Laura Seidel - Abena Abraham

Galtier Elementary

Peter Ratzloff - Elise Simmons

Global Arts Plus Lower Campus

Sarah Norby and Tanya Schuh-Modelli, - Elise Simmons

Global Arts Plus Upper Campus

Lee Anne Garhofer and Cassie Greenlee-Karp - Elise Simmons

Gordon Parks High School

Tom Davies - Elise Simmons

Groveland Park Elementary

Christine Solum - Elise Simmons

Hamline Elementary

Kathleen Walsh - Elise Simmons

Harding Senior High

Erik Brandt, Betsy Dadabo, Joan Gudorf, Karli Neilson, Gina Popa, and Julia Shepherd - Abena Abraham

Hazel Park Prep Academy

Christine Hauser and Mary White - Abena Abraham

The Heights Community School

Mike Claver - Abena Abraham

Highland Park Elementary

Diedra Holland and Colleen Kelly - Maggie Kalda

Highland Park Middle School

Camila Davila, Julie Elliott and Jean Walker - Maggie Kalda

Highland Park Senior High

Ursula Becker, Yonas Ghebrezi, Patty-Lin Celeste and Susan Lin - Maggie Kalda

Highwood Hills Elementary

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

Horace Mann Elementary

Sarah Bosch and Susan Pickart - Maggie Kalda

Hubbs Center

DJ Dahl, Carlynn Miller-Gore, and Laura Temali - Abena Abraham

Humboldt Secondary School

Samantha Gray, Carl Haefemeyer, Colleen Haugen, Amy Hewett-Olatunde, Dan Liljedahl, and Sue Snyder - Maggie Kalda

Indian Education Program

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion

Bobbi Jo Rademacher - Maggie Kalda

Jackson Preparatory Elementary

Nou Her and Pang Xiong - Elise Simmons

JJ Hill Montessori Magnet

Tami Eshult and John Horton - Elise Simmons

John A. Johnson Achievement Plus

Ashley Jensen and Grace Kododo - Abena Abraham

Johnson Senior High

Lori Borgeson, Amy Ensign, David Norby, Liz Ruhberg, Mary Voigt - Abena Abraham

Journey's Secondary School

Thomas Lucy and Jennifer Stokes - Maggie Kalda

Juvenile Detention Center

SPFE Staff - Maggie Kalda

LEAP High School

Paul Gore - Elise Simmons

L'Etoile du Nord French Lower

Margaret Bolar Boly - Abena Abraham

L'Etoile du Nord French Upper

Abbie Kaufenberg and Maren Swann - Abena Abraham

Maxfield Elementary

Hanna Jacobsen - Elise Simmons

Mississippi Creative Arts

Nancy Coolidge - Abena Abraham

Murray Middle School

Erin Dooley, Lolly Haas, and Talisha Jackson - Elise Simmons

Nokomis Montessori North

Rachel Otter and Leslie Young - Abena Abraham

Nokomis Montessori South

SPFE Staff - Abena Abraham

Obama Service Learning Elementary

Ann Arkell and Kristen Johnson - Elise Simmons

Online School (K-5)

Hunter Goetzman and Cassie Heeringa

Online School (9-12)

Angela Raven, Elizabeth Hickman Pine, and Ann Wothe - Abena Abraham

Open World Learning Community

Tom Totushek - Maggie Kalda

Parkway Montessori Middle

Jeff Garcia and Javinka Shah - Abena Abraham

Phalen Lake Hmong Studies Mgnt

Katie Quayle, Leigh Vang, and Chong Xiong - Abena Abraham

Ramsey Middle School

Sean Bailey and Josephine Johson Pineda - Elise Simmons

Randolph Heights Elementary

Jill Ferguson and Colleen Pierson - Elise Simmons


Ladonna Jackson and Candance Stewart - Abena Abraham

Riverview School of Excellence

Annalisa Andre and Sam Harvey-Carlson - Maggie Kalda

Rondo Pre-K

SPFE Staff - Elise Simmons

School Psychologists

Megan Hyland and Andrea Zibble - Elise Simmons

St. Anthony Park Elementary

Tari Hella-Yelk and Nichola Phillips - Elise Simmons

St. Paul Music Academy

Julie Harrington, and Kendrick Lewis - Abena Abraham

Student Placement Center

Samantha Bougie - Maggie Kalda

Washington Technology Magnet

Mark Bauch, Krisit Herman-Hill, Michael Nawrocki, David Quosig, Ted Reiff, Val Rudderforth, Peter Sang, Alec Timmerman, and Nick Whalen - Abena Abraham

Wellstone Elementary

Kathy Brazel and Annaka Larson - Abena Abraham