Saint Paul Federation of Educators, Local 28
23 Empire Drive, St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651-222-7303 – Fax: 651-222-8948
An affiliate of Education Minnesota, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and AFL-CIO

Recognizing the Saint Paul Federation of Educators, American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, Education Minnesota, and the AFL-CIO as constructive forces in providing better educational facilities for children and in protecting the rights to which educators are entitled to in a democratic society.  I hereby apply for membership in Local #28, Saint Paul Federation of Educators, an affiliate of EM, AFT, NEA and AFL-CIO.

SPFE Membership Dues Information for New Members

Your union membership is continuous as long as you remain actively employed. Your authorization for your employer to deduct your dues from your wages remains in effect and is automatically renewed from year to year unless you revoke it by submitting written notice to both SPPS and SPFE between September 1 and September 30. Such revocation will take effect on October 1 in the year it is submitted. If you have questions about dropping your union membership you can email

A PDF fillable or printable version of this form can be found below.

DUES: Find union dues information here. Dues payments and contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.  Ask your tax professional whether/how your dues payments might be otherwise reportable. 

POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (PAC): Your dues include $25 per year for the Education Minnesota PAC. The PAC uses these contributions to fund political action efforts to strengthen the collective voice of educators in public policy-making. 

FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING & LEARNING:  Your dues include $5 per year towards the Education Minnesota Foundation. The foundation uses these contributions to fund member grants as well as workshops that support and promote access to learning and excellence in teaching.