We believe that we are stronger together. For nearly 100 years, SPFE has a tradition of initiating policies that improve our public schools using collective action. Together, we are a powerful force for justice, change, and democracy.

Anyone whose job is classified as being in the Teacher, Educational Assistant, or the School and Community Service Professional bargaining units is eligible to join SPFE.

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Join 3,700 School and Community Service Professionals, Educational Assistants, Teachers, and Other Licensed Staff working in St. Paul as members of SPFE. Fill out your membership form to join today.

If you have any questions, email or call the SPFE office at (651) 222-7303

Because our students’ learning conditions are our working conditions, it is not enough to simply bargain for increased wages and better benefits. As educators, we know that our schools do not exist in a vacuum, and that we must think about the broader community.

We work together with members of the community – including parents – to set an agenda for our elected leaders. We have fought for a more transparent, engaged school board, pushed our corporate and nonprofit neighbors to pay their fair share to support our public schools, and worked with our friends and allies to build coalitions that can work with elected officials to shape education policy.

Join our Committee on Political Engagement (COPE) today by contributing monthly to fight for the public schools our students deserve.

To learn more or get involved with COPE, contact our Political Organizer, Lynne Bolton, at