Contract Action Team

The Contract Action Team (CAT) is a vital link between the Bargaining Team and rank and file members in building. CAT members are responsible for taking information from open negotiations back to members in their buildings, as well as collecting data and stories for the Bargaining Team. Our members’ concerns drive our goals, so it is necessary for the Bargaining Team to hear from you about the issues that matter most.

To find out more about negotiations or to get involved at your building, contact your CAT member.

Contract Action Team Members

Adams Spanish Immersion

Jennifer Christiansen and Ingrid Martinez


Christy McCoy

American Indian Magnet School

Laurel Kuhner Berker and Heidi Nakatani

Benjamin E Mays Elementary

Rachel Stohlmann and Lindsay Walker

Bridge View

Joan Duncanson and Brye Dyce

Capitol Hill Magnet

Ann Hebble, Chance Lunning, and Razia Shariff

Central Senior

Bob Cudahy, Micha Langenberg, Rubens Modelli, and Jay Wahi

Como Park Elementary

Elizabeth Kemis and Desiree McReynolds

Como Park Senior

Robyn Asher, Deborah Hansmeier, and Elizabeth Paone

Creative Arts

Jessica Weller

Dayton's Bluff

Laura Jacobson, David Mrozek, and Jennifer Wriedt

Discovery Club

Diane Olson

E-Stem Middle School

Kelly Lang

Focus Beyond

Weymuth Berry

Four Seasons Elementary

Diedra Holland

Frost Lake

Cleo Sykes

Global Arts Plus: Lower

Tanya Schuh-Modelli and Nisse Ulven

Global Arts Plus: Upper

Emily Kalkbrenner and Sam Yelk

Groveland Park Elementary

Brenda Leach

Hamline Elementary

Jim Schaldach

Harding Senior

Dana McKenna, Shaun Parks, Tom Stinson

Hazel Park Preperatory Academy

Will Molter and Rene Myers

The Heights Community School

Mary Clardy, Amy Ekberg, and Mercedes Lee

Highland Park Elementary

Colleen Kelley

Highland Park Middle

Mandi Jung and Leah VanDassor

Highland Park Senior

Ursula Becker, Yonas Gherbergzi, and Liana Linofelt

Highwood Hills

Ahmed Ali

Horace Mann Elementary

Sarah Bosch and Susan Pickart

Hubbs Center

DJ Dahl, Laurie Stramer, and Laura Temali

Humboldt Secondary

Susan Snyder and Dixibeth Villarraga

JJ Hill Montessori

Tamara Eschulth

Johnson Senior

Lori Borgeson, Sonya Boyd, and John Wintzmann

L'Etoile du Nord

Remi Eichten

Mississippi Creative Arts

Christine Baumhover and Elizabeth Zachary-Diggs

Murray Middle

Erin Dooley and Laura Haas

Nokomis Montessori North

Julia Kallmes and Erica Schatzlein

Nokomis Montessori South

Amy Chuhel, Mary Criswell, and Kristie Zellmer

Obama Elementary

Melissa Doenges

Phalen Lake Elementary

Leigh Vang, Chong Xiong, and Moslais Xiong

Ramsey Middle

Elisabeth Fontana, Anna King, and Paul Ruble

Randolph Heights Elementary

Colleen Pierson

Riverview Elementary

Sam Harvey-Carlson, Teresa Hessler, Ana Miranda, and Tressa Schendel

Saint Paul Music Academy

Catherine Musachio and Kristen Obermeyer

School Psychologists

Charles Letendre

Title 1 Federal Programs

Beth O'Keefe

Washington Technology Magnet

Diane Durnick, Valerie Rudderforth, Teresa Tyler, and Sue Wagner

Wellstone Elementary

Kathy Brazel, Annaka Larson, and Jason Vasquez