Contract Action Team

The Contract Action Team (CAT) is a vital link between the Bargaining Team and rank and file members in building. CAT members are responsible for taking information from open negotiations back to members in their buildings, as well as collecting data and stories for the Bargaining Team. Our members’ concerns drive our goals, so it is necessary for the Bargaining Team to hear from you about the issues that matter most.

To find out more about negotiations or to get involved at your building, contact your CAT member. If your building does not have a CAT member listed yet and you are interested in that role, please reach out to your steward and organizer!

Contract Action Team Members

Adams Spanish Immersion

Jennifer Christiansen and Brian Hodge Rice


American Indian Magnet School

Samantha Springer, Lisa Yankton, Laura Czaplewski

Battle Creek Middle

Allison Kildahl and Sam Olson

Benjamin E Mays Elementary

Lindsay Walker

Belwin Outdoor Science

Josh Leonard

Bridge View

Erin Thune

Bruce Vento

Linda Hjelmgren

Capitol Hill Magnet

Stacy Yoakiem and Sarah Schupanitz

Central Senior

Margy Schultz

Chelsea Heights

Cherokee Heights

Mandy Perna

Como Service Center

Linda Jones, Robyn Asher

Como Park Elementary

Osman Egal, Sasha Odermann-Karr

Como Park Senior

Traci Buckle

Creative Arts

Becca Ayala

Crossroads Science and Montessori

Nicole Lundy

Dayton's Bluff

Discovery Club

Early Childhood Hub East

Early Childhood Hub West

Eastern Heights

Laura Madsen


David Kremer

E-Stem Middle School

Diane Durnick and Fallon Henderson

Farnsworth Aerospace - Lower

Andrew Wangen and Ann Walker

Farnsworth Aerospace - Upper

Michael Richards


Focus Beyond

Four Seasons Elementary

Frost Lake

Anne Hennessey and Laura Seidel

Global Arts Plus: Lower

Jake Anderson

Global Arts Plus: Upper

Jake Anderson

Groveland Park Elementary

Hamline Elementary

Kathleen Walsh, Osman Egal, Jill van Koolwij

Harding Senior

Pete Bothun and Julia Shepard

Hazel Park Preperatory Academy

Christine Hauser

The Heights Community School

Tim Schneider

Hidden River Middle School

Highland Park Elementary

Shannon Erickson, Jim Schaldach

Highland Park Middle

Alicia Beaumaster, Iztchel Skovholt

Highland Park Senior

Chance Lunning

Highwood Hills

Horace Mann Elementary

Sarah Bosch

Hubbs Center

DJ Dahl and Carlynn Miller-Gore

Humboldt Secondary

Sophie Kashara, Mario Luna, Christopher Michaelson, Shaun Parks, Sue Synder, and Holly Tauer

JJ Hill Montessori

Jie Ming

Johnson Senior

Cassandra Sheppard



Paul Gore

L'Etoile du Nord

Remi Eichten

Mississippi Creative Arts

Christine Baumhover

Murray Middle

Lolly Haas, Eloywn Pfeiffer, Ellen Carter, Megan Steinhoff, Maddie Helman, Jeanne Hansen

Nokomis Montessori North

Leslie Young

Nokomis Montessori South

Online School

Kiki McConnell

OSS Coaches

Tom Lucy

Txuj Ci Hmong Language and Culture

Chong Xiong

Randolph Heights Elementary


Riverview Elementary

St. Anthony Park

Saint Paul Music Academy

School Psychologists

Beth Kemis and Heidi Springborg

Student Placement Center

Washington Technology Middle

Zach Wendelboe

Washington Technology Secondary

Ted Reiff and Val Rudderforth

Wellstone Elementary

Kathleen Wright, Angelina Vaaler, Brianna Moeckel, Jason Vasquez

271 Belvidere

360 Colborne

1780 W 7th. St