Bargaining Team

SPFE’s Bargaining Team is responsible for negotiating contracts for all of our bargaining units with the district. Appointed by the Executive Board, the Bargaining Team represents all of our members in negotiations.

Our primary goal during bargaining is to make sure that Saint Paul Public Schools is an excellent place to work and a great place for kids to learn. Our contract is the strongest tool we have to achieve high-quality, racially equitable public schools. That is why our members work closely with the community to craft our demands, and we rely on collective action to improve our schools for our students and our members.

This is the SPFE bargaining team that just negotiated our 2021-2023 contract.

Bargaining Team Members

Beth Swanberg

Highland Park Middle

Elysia Peitzman

Battle Creek Elementary

Erica Schatzlein

Nokomis Montessori North

Erin Dooley

Murray Middle

Jenny Konkel

Focus Beyond

Leah VanDassor

SPFE President


Leigh Vang

Phalen Lake Elementary

Lya Jordan

Four Seasons

Pete Grebner

E-Stem Middle/OTL

Peter Kvamme

Como Senior High

René Myers

Director of Non-Licensed Personnel

Hazel Park


Richard Mack

1780 W. 7th

Sylvia Perez


Todd Marder

SPFE Treasurer

Hidden River


Tom Lucy

District Behavior Team/OSS Coach

Yasmin Muridi

Highwood Hills