Elected Leaders

SPFE’s Executive Board and officers are responsible for directing the affairs and setting the strategic direction of our union. The President of SPFE acts as the organization’s chief executive officer and presides over the Executive Board. Assisting the President are other union officers: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Director of Non-Licensed Staff, representing Educational Assistants and School and Community Service Professionals.

The Executive Board is comprised of 18 elected members and up to three members appointed by the President. Terms for officers and the Executive Board last two years and are staggered.

To get in touch with the Executive Board, email executiveboard@spfe28.org.

Beth Swanberg

Highland Park Middle

Brian Hodge-Rice

Adams Spanish Immersion

Cassandra Sheppard

Johnson High School

Chance Lunning

Highland Park Senior

Denise Young

Capitol Hill

Erica Schatzlein

Nokomis Montessori North

Erin Thune

Bridge View

Javnika Shah

Hazel Park

Jay Wahi


Jenny Konkel

Focus Beyond

Julia Shepherd

Harding Senior

Leah VanDassor

SPFE President


Peggy Cobbins

Focus Beyond

Quentin Wathum-Ocama

Como Service Center

René Myers

Director of Non-Licensed Personnel

Hazel Park


Robyn Asher


Como Senior High


Sarah Bosch

Horace Mann

See Pha Vang

Office of Teaching and Learning

Shantella Barnes

Vice President



Todd Marder

SPFE Treasurer

Hidden River