SPFE Educators Vote Yes to Strike

On Thursday 2/15/24, SPFE members held their strike vote. 92.4% voted yes to authorize a strike and to fight for the schools that our students deserve, and the profession our educators deserve. Over two-thirds of our members voted. SPFE members have sent a clear message to district management that their current wage and benefits offer is neither respectful nor acceptable.

Over the past decade, we have come together as a union and with our community to win improvements for our schools like class size limits, restorative practices, dual language immersion programs and student mental health supports. Now is the time to continue to protect these provisions of our contract. Our students need these supports and they need their educators to be able to afford to stay in this district. In a year of historic funding for public schools, it is also the time to secure a meaningful wage increase and other benefits for our educators. 

State law requires our union to give the district at least 10 days notice before the first day of a strike. Any decision to issue a notice of our intent to strike will be communicated from the SPFE Executive Board. In the meantime, the SPFE Bargaining Team will continue to negotiate towards a settlement that addresses the priorities of members. The next scheduled mediation session with district management is February 23rd.