Upcoming SPFE Leadership Elections

This year elections for SPFE Vice-President, Treasurer, Director of Non-Licensed Personnel, Executive Board and St. Paul Regional Labor Federation will be held online using Survey and Ballot Systems.  

Candidate applications can be submitted through March 18th at 5 PM using this google form.   This is a great opportunity to contribute your voice to union leadership!  Each of our officer positions are up for election every two years – the positions are on rotating schedules, this year election is being held for  Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Nonlicensed Personnel (EAs and SCSPs) and half of our Executive Board (EBoard) as well as for the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation – where we can have up to 11 representatives.   

If you have questions please contact Robyn Asher at secretary@spfe28.org.  In addition, candidate information session will be help March 8, 9 and 10 at 4:30 zoom.

The voting will be held online, each SPFE member will receive a link via email on April 4, 2022.  If you would like a paper ballot sent to your home instead, please fill out this form by March 26th, 2022.  https://www.directsurv.net/checkbox/SPFE28