SPFE Members: We’re hiring professional development facilitators!

The Saint Paul Federation of Educators is seeking Professional Development Facilitators for our Foundations of Effective Teaching and Schools, Family, and Communities courses. SPFE facilitators must be SPFE members.

SPFE believes that the most relevant and effective professional development is led by other educators. Moreover, educator-driven professional development encourages a climate of constant learning and growth in our schools and in our union. Because of this, SPFE is proud to offer professional development that is research-based and entirely created and delivered by educators.

For more information on facilitating one of these courses, please read the job descriptions at these links:

Foundations of Effective Teaching Facilitator Job Description

Schools, Family, and Community Facilitator Job Description

To apply, please send your resume to leah@spfe28.org and fill out the application here by June 4, 2021. Training for these courses will start over the summer of 2021.