SPFE Executive Board Approves Defending Democracy Resolution

Friday, the SPFE Executive Board approved the following resolution in regards to today’s elections:


Whereas, SPFE is committed to the defense of democratic rights and the institutions of democracy;  

Whereas, President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence have refused to state publicly that they will respect the outcomes of the election and have repeatedly  promoted conspiracy theories meant to undermine democracy;  

Whereas, President Trump has refused, on multiple occasions, to denounce the activities of white supremacist and fascist militias and organizations that have stated desires to overthrow American democracy and instead has conveyed support for their actions;  

Whereas, the Trump administration and Republican allies have a concerted campaign to obstruct, sabotage, and reject a fair and complete count of presidential ballots by creating barriers to voting targeted at people of color, immigrants, women and young people. These tactics include intimidation of BIPOC voters at polling places and requirements to have two people sign a ballot that hurt women voters, as well as dismantling key infrastructure such as the U.S. Postal Service; 

Whereas, the Constitution requires voting results and Electoral College tallies to be completed and submitted to Congress by the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, and the new 2021 Congress to validate the results, and voters should be determining the results, not courts;  

Whereas, Trump has denied science, resulting in more than 200,000 Americans dying from COVID and millions more facing deep economic pain due to ongoing impact from the virus, and can do irreparable harm during a lame duck session; 

Whereas, the extreme risk currently posed to the historic institutions of democracy in our nation may require more widespread and vigorous resistance than at any time in recent history;  

Whereas, the Labor Movement has played a proud and vital role in protecting democracy and opposing authoritarianism in many nations throughout the world;  

Whereas, united working people refusing to work across the nation have a greater power than any political machinations of aspiring despots. The most powerful tool of the Labor Movement in our history has been the power of the General Strike;  

Therefore, be it resolved that SPFE will work with allies in the anti-racist,  environmental justice, feminist, and poor peoples movements as well as the LGBTQ+, religious minorities, people with disabilities, and immigrant communities to make contingency plans, in response to undemocratic actions by President Trump and his allies;  

Be it further resolved that SPFE will take actions to prepare for widespread nonviolent action including protests and work-stoppages by coordinating peacekeeper and other necessary trainings;  

Be it further resolved that SPFE will encourage people to sign the Coup Preparation pledge; 

Be it further resolved that SPFE will call on City and County governments to pledge to protect the protesters defending democracy and commit to not using police action or curfews to curtail these activities and to use all available resources to stand up against any effort by the Trump administration to steal the election; 

Be it further resolved that SPFE will call upon the MN AFL-CIO to coordinate development of shared messaging by organized labor and community allies designed to get out the vote and counter misinformation to be implemented immediately and to support affiliate and community allies’ efforts to fulfill this resolution.  

Be it finally resolved that SPFE, in collaboration with other labor and progressive forces, will take whatever nonviolent actions are necessary up to and including a general strike to protect our democracy, the Constitution, the law and our nation’s democratic traditions.