Ratification Timeline

The SPFT Executive Board has voted to recommend the ratification of the 2017-19 Teacher’s, Educational Assistant’s and School and Community Service Professional’s Contract Tentative Agreements. Below is the timeline for final ratification by the members of all SPFT bargaining units:

2/15/18 at 3:00pm and 4:45pm – Strike Captains/Stewards/CAT Member Informational Meetings

Leaders will meet to review the Tentative Agreements at the SPFT Office (23 Empire Dr.).

This is a mandatory meeting for building leaders to get the necessary information to share with members. Strike Captains/Stewards/CAT Members pick up Ratification Materials.

Leaders will be picking up two packages at this time – one containing the contract summaries and the second containing the ballots with a return envelope and a copy of this memo. Materials will be available for pick up after 3:00 p.m.

2/16, 20, & 21/18 – Building Informational Meetings

Strike Captains, Stewards, and/or CAT members will hold building informational meetings and distribute summaries of Tentative Agreements to all Teachers, Educational Assistants, and School and Community Service Professionals.

2/20 & 21/18 at 3:00pm and 4:45pm – Drop-in Informational Meetings

Drop-in meetings are open to all members of the Teacher, EA, and SCSP bargaining units and will be held at the SPFT Office.

2/22/18 – Vote on Proposed Agreement

All members who belong to the Teacher, Educational Assistant, and School and Community Service Professional bargaining units will vote in the buildings. Members also have the option of voting at the SPFT Office instead of at their worksite.

Members must sign-in to receive a ballot. New members can complete a membership application and vote. Their steward can deliver the membership materials to the SPFT Office with their ballots and sign-in sheets.

Strike Captains, Stewards, and/or Contract Action Team members must phone the SPFT Office at (651) 222-7303 or email Julie Hawkins at julie@spft.org with their election results by 5:00pm. The physical ballots and election materials must be returned to the SPFT office by February 26th.

2/26/18 – Deadline for Material Return

for paper ballots, sign-in sheets, and new member materials to be returned to the SPFT Office. Results must be phoned or e-mailed in by 5:00 p.m. on February 22.

3/20/18 – SPPS Board Approval