Professional Issues Committee Recaps

EL PIC recap

On Dec 15th we held the 2nd English Learners Professional Issues Committee.We discussed ideas on how to alleviate the stress on EL service delivery in the mist of the sub shortage on EL education, restoring of busing for Language Academies (Yay!), ACCESS test expectations and Principal Playbook training. We looked at how staff shortages in content classes is impacting EL education, and Need for better communication with student placement to try to keep Language Academy classes under the class size caps. The next meeting is February 16th.

General Education Professional Issues Committee (PIC)

Outcomes of meeting from 1/13: Schedule C will be reviewed before next PIC with SPFE and district; sub data for both licensed staff and EAs will be provided to SPFE for review and we will continue to meet in a smaller group to brainstorm subbing solutions for the highest need schools; we confirmed 4 schools will be completing Election to Work Agreements (ETWA) that will be voted on by impacted members by 2/13. 

Special Education Professional Issues Committee (SPED PIC) 

Our PIC met on Thursday 1/19. We discussed a wide range of topics and issues — review the recap here to see what was covered. Thank you to everyone who attended!