Mediation Update 2/6

There was a lot of back and forth today. The teams will meet again tomorrow.

The district countered our Restorative Practice proposal. In the counter, the district agreed to fund the coordinator position but declined to allocate any additional money for Restorative Practices. Instead, they have offered to partner with us to search for funds.

The Educational Assistant table has reached a total of four tentative agreements and the School and Community Service Professionals officially reached one tentative agreement today. Progress and discussions on primarily cost neutral proposals has continued and been positive.

At the teacher table, a number of our cost neutral proposals were discussed. We are close to agreement on a several points.

We are waiting for district counter proposals on our Special Education and English Learner proposals. We have not discussed wages and benefits yet this week.

Today, we also announced our plan for Safe Sites throughout the city in the case of a strike. This plan is being put together by a committee of our members who met for the first time this weekend. These are locations where our students who depend on schools to meet their needs can stay warm, get food, and be safe. You can read more about this plan here, and if you’d like to get involved, email