Candidate Questionnaires

This year in Saint Paul, we will be electing a new mayor as well as three members of the school board. SPFT members have a unique opportunity to support pro-public school candidates who want to work with educators to continue to improve our schools and our city.

Our COPE committee sent questionnaires to all of the candidates who asked to screen for SPFT’s endorsement. Mayoral candidates Melvin Carter, Elizabeth Dickenson, Tom Goldstein, Pat Harris, and Dai Thao responded to the questionnaire. Board of Education candidates Eduardo Barrera, Jeanie Foster, Tony Fragnito, and Marny Xiong also responded.

Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

Board of Education Candidate Questionnaire (John Brodrick’s responses to the questionnaire can be read spearately.)

Caucuses will be held on the last two weekends in April.

  • Ward 1: 10:00am on April 22nd at Capitol Hill Magnet
  • Ward 2: 12:30am on April 23rd at Harding High School
  • Ward 3: 12:00pm on April 30th at Highland Park Middle School
  • Ward 4: 9:30am on April 29th at Murray Middle School
  • Ward 5: 9:00am on April 22nd at Wellstone Elementary
  • Ward 6: 10:00am on April 29th at Johnson High School
  • Ward 7: 1:00pm on April 30th at Harding High School

SPFT’s candidate screening will be held on June 3rd and open to the public. All are welcome to attend. More details will be provided soon.