Welcome to our new site!

By now, you’ve noticed that SPFT’s website looks a little bit different. We contracted with Triangle Park Creative to update and redesign our website. The resulting product combines the foundation of the old site with a lot more functionality.

On our end at SPFT, we went into this design process with several goals. We wanted to:

  1. Feature the work you – our members – do every day more prominently;
  2. Showcase the opportunities you have through our Professional Development, Restorative Practices program, and family engagement opportunities (especially Parent Teacher Home Visits and Academic Parent Teacher Teams); and
  3. Provide information for members to get more involved in SPFT’s negotiations, political engagement, and broader education advocacy work.

The entire site was rewritten this summer and we dug back through the archive to find photos of SPFT members participating in union actions and classes. You’ll notice Professional Development, Restorative Practices, and Family Engagement are all prominently displayed on the front page of the site. We also updated information about SPFT’s various campaigns – political engagement gets its own page for the first time – and added some features which will help us deliver additional information to you clearly

This site is still a bit of a work in progress. Additional pages, photos, and information will be added in the coming months. Most notably, there will be work done on the calendar to make sure that it is clear and kept up to date.

All of that being said, we’re excited to hear what you think! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to our Communications Organizer, Patrick Burke at patrick@spft.org.