Spring Parent Teacher Home Visit Dates

Summer training dates will be held on June 22, July 17, August 29, and September 22 from 8:30am to noon. Educators who are interested in participating in the home visit program next year should register for one of these sessions. Register on PDExpress.

The Spring Debrief for members who have completed visits this past year will be held on May 15, 2018 at 5:00pm. Sign up today on PDExpress! You can register even if it is full. In order to be compensated you must attend a debrief session in the spring AFTER you have completed all of your visits.

When signing up for a debrief session, please make sure that you are able to commit to the entire two hours for the session. You will not receive compensation if you leave early. If an emergency arises, please speak with a PTHV staff member before leaving.

Educators participating in the home visit program must complete a minimum of three visits their first year and a minimum of eight visits each additional year.

Compensation Cap Information

  • Teachers and Licensed Staff
    • Pre K – 4th grade – $2,500
    • 5th – 12th grade – $3,000
  • School and Community Service Professionals – $1,750
  • Educational Assistants
    • Pre K – 5th – $1,500
    • 6th-12th grade – $2,000
    • EAs serving as an interpreter for a family as a second visitor (NOT the main visitor) – $3,000

You are responsible for keeping your own personal record of all the visits you do. You will not be able to verify the number of visits that you have done until you come to a debrief session.

If you have any questions should be directed, email to Miesha Sanders at Miesha@pthvp.org.