SPFT Election Results

At the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 14, 2018, members of the Executive Board certified the results of the SPFT leadership elections. The following candidates were elected as officers, members of the Executive Board, or delegates to the Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation earlier this spring.


  • Vice President: Erica Schatzlein
  • Treasurer: Sue Snyder
  • Director of Non Licensed Personnel: Sylvia Perez

Executive Board:

  • Robyn Asher
  • Stephen Collins
  • Peter Grebner
  • Bernetta Green
  • Fallon Henderson
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Ellen Olsen
  • Stephanie Pignato
  • Leah VanDassor

Regional Labor Federation:

  • Peggy Cobbins
  • Joan Duncanson
  • Lauerl Kuhner Berker
  • Nick Faber
  • Roy Magnuson
  • Dane Ryan
  • Sue Snyder
  • Leah VanDassor
  • Andrew Walerius
  • Write in: Peter Grebner
  • Write in: Thomas Totushek

Newly elected officers and Executive Board members will begin their term at the June Executive Board meeting following the end of the school year. SPFT’s election policies can be found on this page. Thank you to all of the candidates who ran!