SPFE Election Results

The following members have been elected to Officer and Executive Board roles for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years (2 year terms):
President – Nick Faber
Secretary – Robyn Asher
Executive Board Members –
Kendrick B Lewis
Stephanie Schwarz-Johnson
Peter Kvamme
David Mrozek
Brian Hodge-Rice
Julia Shepherd
Peggy Cobbins
Seepha Vang
Shantella Barnes
The following members have been elected to (1 year term) as Delegates for the St. Paul Regional Labor Federation
Janey Atchison
Leah VanDassor
We thank you for your membership and voting in our 2019 SPFE elections. Please complete this six-question voter exit survey to help us improve future elections, it should take less than three minutes: https://forms.gle/q5iAmVnA5TkVep3x9