Real Legacy for Kids – SPFE28

Tell The Host Committee: Pay Your Fair Share!

The Super Bowl Host Committee – US Bank, Ecolab, and our biggest corporate neighbors – say they are using the Super Bowl to leave a “legacy” that will benefit future generations of Minnesotans. At the same time, these businesses hide their profits offshore, creep through tax loopholes, and lobby to lower their own taxes even more.

As Minnesotans, we have all the resources to create the racially equitable schools our children need. It’s possible for us to have a nurse and librarian in every school, and smaller classes so that students and families can build real relationships with their teachers.

We just need US Bank, Ecolab, and the rest of the Host Committee to pay their fair share, like we do. Imagine if they did… if they actually left a lasting legacy for kids in Minnesota.

Learn more by reading SPFT's report SACKED.

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Hey @EcolabCEO - Will you to stop hiding money offshore and pay your fair share for our schools. #RealSuperBowlLegacy

Hey @USBank - If you can pay for the #SuperBowl, can’t you afford to help our kids and schools? #RealSuperBowlLegacy

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