President Faber’s Statement Regarding Potential Violence at the Capitol.

This afternoon, Governor Walz held a press conference to address concerns around the potential for violence over the weekend through Inauguration Day. The Governor, and Mayor Carter have put plans in place to keep our Minnesota Capitol, and the city of Saint Paul safe.

For your safety, and the safety of our community, if you don’t have a pressing need to be at the Minnesota Capitol this weekend, please stay home.

We know that white nationaltist organizations have planned events at the Capitol on January 16, and January 17. These are the same right-wing militants who were fueled to arms by the lies of a president who lost by overwhelming margins and some complicit Republicans who hope these false tales about our election can serve as pretext to erecting further barriers to voting for Black, young, or new Americans. These elected officials do not deserve to hold office let alone govern in our name. They must admit their wrongdoing, tell the truth to their followers and face immediate consequences. Without this, the insurrectionists feel empowered to carry out more attacks across your country. We are united in our resolve to see justice served, prevent future violence and hold these traitors to account. Only then can our nation heal and make this a place where our leaders reflect the very best of every kind of American and where liberty and justice is for all, no exceptions. 

Our students and their families are watching: Especially the 80% of our students who are Biracial, Indigenous, and People of Color. Our thousands of immigrant and refugee families. Our families who have watched their loved ones be arrested or harassed by law enforcement for actions far less than those of white insurgents at the nation’s Capital last week–or for nothing at all. And our students are watching us–their educators– to find out if we see them. We need to let them know that we will not hesitate to speak against the insidious nature of white supremacy in action when we see it.