Minnesota State College Faculty: Solidarity!

This message was emailed to Nick Faber, SPFE President, following members’ strike vote.

Dear Nick and SPFE leadership,

On behalf of the Minnesota State College Faculty, I am pleased to let you know that today our Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution of support for all of our sisters and brothers in the Saint Paul Federation of Educators as you stand up for your students, your schools, and your community.

As organizers, we know some of the most important questions we ask are “what do you and your students need?” and “what are you willing to do for it?” Authorizing a strike is the ultimate commitment to doing whatever is necessary to have the schools our students deserve. As fellow educators, community members, and parents, your actions command great respect.

As fellow members of the labor movement, we are proud to stand with you in this fight for public education. The MSCF is ready to assist and support our sisters and brothers in the SPFE however we can as this process plays out.

In unity,

Matt Williams | President
Minnesota State College Faculty