100% Membership Recognition

At our membership meeting on Monday (11/27), the following schools and programs were recognized for having 100% union membership.

  • Battle Creek Elementary
  • Boys Totem Town
  • Bruce Vento
  • Care and Treatment Programs
  • Capitol Hill Magnet
  • Chelsea Heights
  • Como Elementary
  • Farnsworth Upper
  • Galtier
  • Highland Park Middle School
  • L’Etoile du Nord Lower
  • L’Etoile du Nord Upper
  • Linwood Monroe
  • Open World Learning
  • Nokomis Montessori North
  • Nokomis Montessori South
  • School Psychologists

Congratulations and thank you! We are lucky to have such passionate educators and activists in our ranks.

Reminder to all members: Our recommit drive is wrapping up on December 20th. Please get all outstanding membership forms turned into our office ASAP.