Member Action: What do families need to know about your classroom?

This is a way to show to express our reasons of concern for returning to in-person learning so quickly. Take a moment to print out the sign at this link. Write your biggest concern/truth about returning to in-person that you feel families need to know. Staff would then take a picture of themself holding up their sign. Depending on comfortability level- folks could show their face or not. Take a picture of you with the sign and send it to

Post it to your social media accounts using the hashtag #ReopenSafelyMN.

Examples that we heard from last nights meeting:

Students will not be able to be 3 feet apart.

Students will be eating together unmasked in my classroom.

My windows can’t open for fresh air.

I am changing grade levels and have all new students and only 8 days to prepare.