Mediation Update 2/10

After a 15 hour day, we are still not close to a settlement.

The SPFT bargaining team prepared a set of global packages to address all open proposals on the table. The packages included a plan to help increase funding for our public schools in Saint Paul, our counter proposals around class size, staffing for English Learners, and support for students in special education programs. As part of these packages, we were prepared to make steep concessions in many areas.

However, the district still did not agree to provide much needed supports for our students. By refusing to increase staffing for our English Learners and our students enrolled in special education programs, the district is demonstrating that these students’ education is not a priority for them.

We will be preparing counters to the districts’ proposals and presenting them during mediation tomorrow. If the district continues to refuse to take our proposals to improve public schools in Saint Paul seriously and negotiate a fair contract, we will strike on Tuesday.