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January 24, 2021 Email:
Membership Meeting Monday: Check you email for information from Nick. 
SPFE COVID-19 Updates Page: SPFE has created a page for COVID-19 related information such as Memorandum of Agreements, our FAQ on accommodations and leaves, and safety checklists for your building:
SPFE Masks: Buildings can send a representative to the SPFE office (23 Empire Drive) to pick up SPFE masks for all staff returning in-person. Masks will be available in the main hallway for easy pick-up on the following dates and times: 
    • Monday, January 25 between 1pm and 5pm
    • Tuesday, January 26 between 9am and 4pm
    • Thursday, January 27 between 9am and 4pm
Action Steps: Our safety demands for reopening school buildings at the bargaining table are not enough. Getting SPPS to reassess their plan requires all of us to take action. Here are some next steps you can take and/or support to demand a safe return:   
  • Share a selfie with this sign to share information about unsafe conditions: Take a moment to print out the sign at this link.  Write your biggest concern/truth about returning to in-person that you feel families need to know. Take a picture of you with the sign and send it to Pictures in your classroom of aspecific area or item of concern work best.  Be specific about what is not safe. Why is it not safe? Share specific examples/facts about your school and/or classroom. See examples of our twitter feed at this link. Post it to your social media accounts using the hashtags #ReopenSafelyMN and #ReopenSafelySPPS. Tag the Superintendent and school board.
  • Return in unison: If you are returning to buildings this week, walk into work together and wear red! Double mask, the SPFE mask works great for double masking. (See above for how your building can get some SPFE masks)
  • Complete the building safety checklist when you return this week. Follow instructions on the sheet to report any safety concerns.
  • Wear Red Action: Please wear red to staff meetings to show your union solidarity!  Take a picture and send it to We’ll post as many as we can on Facebook.
  • Report any leave denials: If you apply for a non-compensatory leave and are denied let your organizer know by emailing or 
TD&E Mid-Year Reflections: A reminder that TD&E timelines for mid-year and end-of-year reflections are determined by each school/department. It is highly recommended that administrators work with their leadership team and SPFE steward(s) to determine the specific schedule for their school/department. Administrators and SPFE stewards may want to collaborate to review their current school/department timeframe and, if needed, adjust the deadlines based on current circumstances. 
Call for Election Ed Minnesota Rep Convention Delegates:  The election of SPFE delegates to the Education Minnesota 2021 Representative Convention will be held at the February 22nd SPFE membership meeting. The Representative Convention will be held Saturday, April 24 as a virtual meeting.  Anyone interested in serving as a SPFE delegate to the convention must complete this official petition for nomination form by Tuesday, February 16th to have their name on the ballot. 
SPFE Climate Action group- SAVE THE DATE!  The time is NOW for communities, nations and SPPS to act on climate change and climate justice! 
Come to the Saint Paul Federation of Educators virtual town hall on 2/24 (5pm-6:15pm), to hear more about these issues.  The topic of the town hall discussion will be “Solar Power, Equity And Our Future: How SPPS Can Be A Climate Leader.” 
During this town hall, we will hear from speakers from Cooperative Energy Futures, Impact Power Solutions, UMN Energy Transition Lab and Mounds View Public Schools. 
Invited to this discussion will be SPFE members and the greater community of Saint Paul.  We hope you can SAVE THIS DATE and pass the info on to others.  More information will be coming out in the next couple weeks so you can RSVP for the forum and get a link to access the discussion.  If you have any questions about the forum or the SPFE Climate Action group please contact Tom Lucy at