COVID-19 Updates

When we started working with students, none of us knew that we would have to teach during a global pandemic. It has been challenging for all of us, but our members here in St. Paul have risen to the occasion, providing high quality public education to thousands of students in our community.

We know educators have a lot of questions about working during COVID-19 and accommodation or leave options. We built this FAQ to answer many of them. You can support co-workers who need sick leave by donating to the Sick Leave Banks for EAs and Licensed staff.

Keep reading for more information about about reopening in St. Paul Public School and keeping yourself and your students safe. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest Memorandum of Agreements.

Reopening Information

Find SPPS’ reopening information here.

  • February 1: Grades pre-K-2 and stage 1 Special Education schools will return to in-person learning with full classrooms, for parents who choose to attend.
  • February 15: Grades 3-5 will return to in-person learning with full classrooms, for parents who choose to attend.
  • February 22: Grades 6-12 in-person academic supports will start, if Ramsey County case numbers stay below 30 out of 10,000 for two weeks.
  • April 14: Grades 6-12 return to in-person learning.

Find SPFE’s Classroom Safety Checklist here. Stewards and other members should use this information to make sure their work site is safe and prepared before reopening. Information about how to address safety issues in your building are also included.

Re-opening Concerns Report Form: Report any unsafe conditions at your site and unsound learning conditions for in-person or virtual learning. We want to collect your contact information so that we can contact you to follow up if need be.

SPFE is tracking coronavirus information from schools about COVID-19 exposure. If there is a COVID-19 case reported at your building, report it here.

Saint Paul Public Schools is also tracking COVID-19 cases. If there is a COVID case at your building, use the district’s form to report it.

Does your classroom need an air purifier?

SPPS and SPFE have agreed in our MOA that any classroom that the District shall focus HEPA filter purifiers on spaces that the most recent Indoor Air Quality sampling (2018) measured CO2 concentrations of more than 1100 PPM. Check your classrooms rating (column F) at this link.

If the district is not providing your classroom with an air purifier, you can bring in your own if you’d like. Any HEPA purifiers staff bring to an SPPS site must be UL listed and have a grounded (3-pronged) plug. Ionized air purifiers will not be allowed because they create ozone. Read more here about the effectiveness of air purifiers.

SPFE COVID-19 Safety Training

SPFE leader and SPPS school nurse, Tom Stinson put together this training for SPFE members on COVID-19 and what you need to know about symptoms, reporting cases, and staying safe when schools reopen. Slides for this training are at this link. You can watch the training here:

COVID tests

As members begin to return to buildings, MDH will be providing on-site COVID testing to those working fully in-person on Monday of every other week.  For Feb. 1, this would be all staff in PreK-2.  All other staff can order a free test anytime at The test is free, but you will be asked to provide your health insurance info.  All citizens of MN are eligible to order these tests as often as they’d like. You must use a test before ordering another one.

Memoranda of Agreement

With the transition to distance learning in Spring 2019, SPFE and Saint Paul Public Schools have been negotiating about working conditions for educators. The agreed up on MOAs can be found below.