Additional sessions of “Foundations of Effective Teaching” added to professional development offerings

The SPFE Teaching and Learning Center has opened up two sessions of “Foundations of Effective Teaching” for the following dates:

The week of August 1-August 4 (Section 35372 on PowerSchool) and

Saturdays starting October 29-November 19 (Section 35373 on PowerSchool)

Course Description:

This course will provide educators with research, collaboration, and application activities to increase efficacy, centering on providing equitable educational experiences for our students. This course will be led by practicing educators and will emphasize practical application and implementation of instructional strategies.   Classes provide time for educators to reflect and interact while they examine relevant research and work on ways to implement it in their work with students. Topics covered are:  Creating and Maintaining an Inclusive Student-Centered Learning Environment, Equitable approaches for increasing student access to and involvement in instruction, The Learning Process, Instructional Practices (Interactive Direct Instruction, Scaffolding, Questioning), Utilizing Allocated Time, Praise vs. Feedback. This course is designed for educators who lead instruction and work with students in both small and large group settings.  Probationary teachers who complete Foundations will be fulfilling a requirement for achievement of tenure.