2022 SPFE Election Results

The following members have been elected to Officer and Executive Board roles for the 2022-23 and 2023-2024 school years (2 year terms). Congratulations to everybody who was elected to lead SPFE!

Vice-President: Shantella Barnes

Treasurer: Todd Marder

Director of Non-Licensed Personnel:  René Myers

Executive Board:

Jeff Garcia

SeePha Vang

Cassandra Sheppard

Jay Wahi

Sarah Bosch

Erin Thune

Carl Haefemeyer

Javnika Shah

Beth Swanberg

Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation:

Leah VanDassor

Jeff Garcia

Sue Snyder

Peggy Cobbins

Cassandra Sheppard

Carl Haefmeyer

Janey Atchison

Ursula Becker

Mercedes Lee

Lindsey Jackson

Christine Hauser

We reviewed and certified election results from the Election Committee on May 9th. 

Overall, the feedback on the online voting was very positive with over 90% of voters sharing they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the experience. The Elections Committee will look over the written comments to determine how to continue to improve member engagement.

We thank everyone for wanting to play a part in leading our union, and hope you will continue to pursue this and other leadership roles in the future.