2019 St. Paul City Council and School Board Candidate Questionnaires

This year, Saint Paul precinct caucuses will be help on Sunday, March 10. (There are no elections in Minneapolis this year). All members that live in Saint Paul are encouraged to attend their precinct caucus, and become a public education delegate to the DFL City Convention on June 23. On November 5, residents will elect 7 City Council members and 4 School Board directors. Participating in your local precinct caucus is the best way to make sure that public education is a top priority for all candidates.
SPFE COPE will conduct candidate screenings later this spring, with endorsements to follow.
In order to qualify for an endorsements, candidates must:
    • Meet the SPFE Criteria for Endorsement
    • Complete a Candidate Questionnaire
    • Participate in a public screening
    • Shadow an educator for a day
Current SPFE Endorsed Candidates:
Candidate Questionnaires
Please contact SPFE Political Organizer Lynne Bolton with any questions or concerns at lynne@spft.org OR 651-276-3458